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Pencils made with Crystals from Swarovski®

… If you're looking for something special to bring more glamour to your office we supply elegant pencils with sparkling crystals »made with Crystals from Swarovski@« in 60 colors. As an option perfectly combined with your personal advertising message available in many colors.

Let it sparkle, shine and glow!

 You may possibly think, a pencil is a pencil. You are wrong!

Even pencils canbe small pieces of art which completely excite your clients and partners! Perfect examples are the premium quality Swarovski crystal pencils from the exclusive Reidinger-collection. The noble black solid-colored pencils captivate by their matt black shimmering varnish, studded with sparkling original Swarovski crystals.

From the approximately 60 beautiful crystal colors, you will definitely find a design that will perfectly match your corporate design. You will be impressed by the multitude of design options provided in order to create your unmistakable crystal pencil with your advertising print. 


4 steps to your individual crystal-pencil

choose your crystal color |

1. choose crystal color

Choose your crystal, lacquer and wooden color. Specify quantity and printing choice.

select your printing motif |

2. printing motif

Upload your desired printing data or type in the text you want on the pencils.

enter your address |

3. enter address

Please enter your delivery and invoice address

finish order |

4. order

finish your order

create your individual swarovski pencil

Creative pencil packagings

more than just a protective cover!

Pencils made with Crystals from Swarovski® are something special. Emphasize the
elegant character of the sparkling giveaway with a suiting packaging. With our representative pencil packages, you present the premium quality original Swarovski
crystal pencils in the proper light.

We are particularly proud of our transparent design package with multiple benefits.
It is perfect in order to stylishly hand over your assortment of decorative pencils.
Let yourself by inspired - and see for yourself that a package is more than just a
protective cover. 

Klarsicht Verpackung mit integriertem Lesezeichen und Swarovski-Bleistift

Packaging with side effects – a multiple use packaging! Art.Nr.: 8011

For 1 – 6 pencils.

The highlight of this pack is that the pencil package may be used in many ways e.g. as bookmark, voucher, calendar, notepad, notice and thank you (note). This additional benefit will not only ensure a long-lasting advertising effect but it is also extremely economically sound. Another benefit: By inserting your business card into an extra pocket, you personalize your perfect giveaway. 

Swarovski-Bleistift in silbernem Stecketui

Slide-in case  Art.Nr.: 8052

In silver, for one to four pencils,
Tip: Go for an extravagant pencil "flower arrangement"! For a shining appearance of one to four Advertising "stars"! 

Klarsichtfaltschachtel mit schwarzem Kartonschuber und 3 Swarovski-Bleistiften

Triple pack transparent folding box Art.Nr.: 8080

With black slipcase made of uncoated paperboard, two-piece.
TIP: Particularly our pencils with Swarovski crystals are shown to advantage in this packaging! 

Klarsichtfaltschachtel mit schwarzem Kartonschuber und 5 bedruckten Swarovski-Bleistiften

Five pack transparent folded box Art.Nr.: 8085

With black slipcase of natural cardboard, 2 pieces,
TIP: Your clients will be surprised! The five-pack is also available with our attractive slipcase! 

schwarze Bleistifte mit Swarovskikristallen in Klarsichtfaltschachtel

Five pack transparent folding box Art.Nr.: 8086

Transparent and made of premium PET material.
TIP: Five at a time — promotional gifts presented in the best way! 

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